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Types of Domestic Hot Water Valves.


Why Heat-Timer Controls are Considered Part of a Green Heating Solution

While “green solutions” are often looked at as renewable energy or recycled materials, in the building heating controls industry, this includes solutions that save the customer in overall energy consumption. Less energy used typically means less energy produced which means lower carbon footprint, less pollution from dirty energy sources, etc…
And incidentally, the other meaning of “Green” applies too. Heat-Timer Controls save building operators money, usually big money on yearly heating costs.
The need to maintain heating system efficiency is key creating a green solution. Heat Timer® control systems can offer just that, putting the customer’s mind at ease knowing they’re participating in a green movement, decreasing energy consumption, and extending the life of their boiler and associated subsystems by lowering maintenance and replacement costs.
Why is my Heating System Not Already “Green”?
After a building has been designed and commissioned, there are a number of ways a control system c…

Heat-Timer HVAC Contractors will save you Money on Energy