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Domestic Hot Water Systems For Hotels


Trends In Energy Management Systems

Let’s face it: comfort in your apartment complex or commercial building is driven by the proper operation of your HVAC system. But HVAC is often the largest component of your building’s energy bill. As a result, new trends and technologies in HVAC are turning their focus toward efficiency. And for complex, distributed boiler systems to be efficient, its all about computer controlled automation.
Here’s a few of the trends that the professionals at Heat-Timer® think are shaping our industry in the coming years. The Move to Smart HVAC Controls It was common for heating controls to be pre-programmed based on a building’s schedule, but today’s controls are now being built with more precise sensors. In modern implementations these sensors are out in spaces gathering information about what’s actually going on in various areas of a building. Sensors accurately detect the level of activity that’s actually occurring in the building in real-time and then modulate the equipment accordingly.
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