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HVAC Control Systems Explained

HVAC Control Systems – What They Are and Why They Matter
Large buildings like office buildings, schools, apartment buildings, government buildings and factory buildings have some of the highest energy costs in the country. And if you’re in the northern area’s of the country, make no mistake:  its the ‘H’ in HVAC that is costing you most of that money.  It’s essential that building operations managers implement technology and systems that reduce these costs without compromising on comfort or safety – this is where HVAC control systems like the Heat-Timer Platinum Series come in.
HVAC Control Systems are an Essential Step toward Building Automation
Building automation is about creating fully integrated systems to effectively manage environmental conditions and other elements within a building at maximum efficiency through an automated system. While full scale building management systems integrate things like lighting controls, sprinkler systems, fire control and security monitoring, by far…

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Commercial Heating Trends in 2019

Overall, the expert consensus is that 2019 is going to be a good year for the HVAC industry.
Particular growth in area’s like data centers and the educational market will lead overall growth in the sector which is expected to climb across the board as the reigns on capital investment continue to loosen around the USA.
Leading the technology trends in HVAC are the area’s of connectivity and smart design, as more and more commercial building owners embrace the power of building automation and within that, investments in greener and cheaper, heating and domestic hot water delivery and control systems.
HVAC Automation and Controls in Commercial Buildings
Heating and cooling is a big expense for commercial buildings, accounting for 40 percent of the electricity consumed by a typical building.
With utility companies offering better incentives to reduce electricity usage during peak times and the vast capabilities presented by the “Internet of Things (IoT) “, more and more businesses are jumping …