Commercial Domestic Hot Water Trends 2020

Technology marches on and for those of us working every day to bring the best DHW solutions to the market, global and national trends will inevitably drive the adoption of new techniques and new technologies that mostly help, but sometimes hurt us.Digital and IOT based improvements to the tech surrounding DHW abound in 2020 and conversations around the “resident experience” are now common, though studies show that a desire for positive resident experiences have not become a core technology competency for the vast majority of building managers.  For DHW used in hotels, apartments, and office buildings, upgrades, and conversions continue to be a major source of industry growth despite this, as operators recognize the need for more efficient systems, and the impact of upgrades on bottom-line operating costs.
Focus on the Commercial Domestic Hot Water MarketThe U.S. commercial water heater market revenue is poised to cross USD 670 Million by 2026, as reported in the latest study by Global …

Heat-Timer’s Mobile App keeps you out of the boiler room – and the office

Many years ago Heat-Timer® introduced smart, boiler controls that dramatically improved boiler efficiency and service monitoring. For the first time, Heat-Timer® provided building managers and service technicians with digital control that intelligently managed boiler cycling and reported and controlled all heating parameters from one place. It was a big leap forward from watching gauges and turning valves and saved building owners thousands of dollars every month in energy costs and maintenance calls.The internet allowed us to evolve even further, making remote boiler control possible through our web-based portal. With this evolution, the remote operation was possible from any device with an internet browser. However, most users were still tied to their laptops, either in the office, balanced on the seat in the truck or at home. An alarm email/text late at night means booting up the computer and logging into a website to find out what is going on in the building.Usability of Heat-Time…

5 Tips for Summer Maintenance of Commercial Boilers

Summer is a great time to maintain or upgrade the steam or hydronic heating system in your building or apartment complex. The system can be offline for days now, without angry calls from residents! The boiler room is quiet, most pipes and valves are not burn hazards, and the boiler room temperature is not pushing 140 °F.
Time spent in your boiler room now doing preventive maintenance and making some smart system upgrades will reduce your energy costs, and will keep you out of the boiler room at 3:00 AM during the upcoming heating season.
Here are five suggestions for summer preventive maintenance on your commercial boiler equipment:
1. Start with a good cleaning
A dark, dirty, and cluttered boiler room is a boiler room filled with potential problems that you can’t see. Start your summer heating system maintenance with a good cleaning. Remove anything stored in the room that is not needed for boiler operation, replace any burned out bulbs, and consider upgrading the lighting to make mainte…

Four Ways to Save Money with a Smarter Apartment Building

As most apartment building managers will tell you, energy costs are one of the most significant operating expenses in commercial buildings. Inside those energy costs, heating and Domestic Hot Water are two of the most significant expenses, especially in older buildings constructed before energy efficiency standards were established.
In the past, the primary way to reduce heating costs was through major investments in new boilers, piping, valves, radiators, windows and building insulation. While these investments can certainly be warranted, especially if your system is more than 15 years old, that didn’t always fix the problem with apartment 2E being so cold, and 4H being overheated.
Smart building controls with internet accessibility and wireless space sensors have given building managers another option. With smart building controls like the Heat-Timer® Platinum series for boiler management, or the Heat-Timer® ETV for control of Domestic Hot Water. You can significantly reduce energy co…